Mindful Moments

Name Mindful Moments
Why To provide Mental Wellbeing support for senior citizen dementia patients

Activities and dialogue

When Second Saturday
Frequency Monthly
Time 10:00-11:00
Where Amira Choice, Minnetonka, MN

Playing music, giving presentations, reading, painting, talking, playing games

Lead Vimi Dev and Smriti Gupta
Contact smriti@theneedindeed.org, vimi@theneedindeed.org

Mindful Moments

The Mindful Moments Program, run by Vimi Dev and Smriti Gupta, is a unique initiative that supports seniors in assisted living with memory care needs. With two physical building locations, the program offers a safe space for seniors to live.

One of the most impactful aspects of the program is the well-being classes offered by The Need In Deed once a month at the Amira Choice Minnetonka location. These classes provide seniors with an opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, such as piano, dancing, keyboard, games and more. The classes are led by guest volunteers who bring their own unique skills and expertise to the program.

But these classes are more than just a chance for seniors to have fun. They also provide a space for interactions with seniors who don’t get visitors often. By interacting with seniors through the youth volunteers allows for vibrant, fresh energy in their space. The program helps them get a deeper sense of being nurtured that supports their mental wellbeing.

The Importance of Mental Well-Being 

Mental well-being is a critical aspect of overall health and wellness, particularly for senior citizens people who may be dealing with a range of stressors and pressures. By providing seniors with a space to talk about their feelings and experiences, the program helps them develop important coping skills and strategies for managing their mental health.

In addition, the well-being classes provide seniors with an opportunity to build social connections and form supportive relationships with their fellow seniors. By engaging in activities together and sharing their thoughts and feelings, they can develop a sense of community and belonging that can be invaluable in promoting positive mental health.

Empowering Seniors

Overall, Mindful Moments Program is a powerful way to empower seniors and help them thrive. By providing them with a safe and supportive space to interact, have fun, and exercise, the program can help seniors develop the confidence, contentment, and belongingness they need to thrive.

If you are interested in supporting the program or learning more about how you can get involved, reach out to us directly. Together, we can work to empower seniors and promote positive mental health and well-being for all.

Senior Citizens with Dementia

Program starts Sept 9th

Lead Sindhu Gupta

Activity based compassionate Dialogue

TheNeedINDeed invites High
school/College/Adult/Seniors who are interested in interacting with seniors (Dementia patients) at an Assisted living facility in Plymouth.

Requested Volunteer areas are-

1. Play Instrument

2. Music-Singing

3. Reading stories

4. Give presentation on any interesting topics including vacations, museums, parks

5. Take them for walk

6. Interact with them

7. Play online Board games