Be Kind To Your Mind

Name Be Kind to Your Mind (BKTYM)
Why To provide Mental Wellbeing support for women
What Activities and dialogue
When Second Friday
Frequency Monthly
Time 5:30-8:00
Where Location varies
How Activity and dialogue
Lead Reshma kohlapure

Be Kind To Your Mind

Welcome to Be Kind to Your Mind, a women support group organized by The Need In Deed Foundation.

The Need In Deed currently promotes a Women’s support group called Be Kind to Your Mind.

This member supported Support Group is a once a month activity held by Reshma Kohlapura on the third Wednesday of every month.

The activities include guest speakers, and supportive dialogue between women.

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive space for women to come together and discuss the challenges that they face in their daily lives, with a particular focus on mental health and wellness.

We understand that women today face a multitude of pressures and stresses, ranging from work and family obligations to social and cultural expectations.

These challenges can take a toll on mental and emotional health, leading to feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Our support group is designed to help women navigate these challenges and find ways to prioritize self-care and wellbeing.

At Be Kind to Your Mind, we believe in the power of community and connection. 

Our group provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where women can share their experiences and support one another through lifes ups and downs. 

We offer a variety of resources and activities, including group discussions, mindfulness exercises, and workshops on topics such as stress management, self- compassion, and healthy relationships.

Our group is led by experienced facilitators who are committed to creating a supportive and empowering space for all participants. 

Our facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the group, drawing on evidence-based practices and techniques to support women in their journey towards mental and emotional wellness.

We welcome women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to join us for our support group meetings. 

Whether you are struggling with a specific mental health challenge or simply seeking a community of like-minded women, we invite you to come and connect with us. 

Our group meetings are held on a regular basis and are open to all women, regardless of their affiliation with The Need In Deed Foundation.

We invite all women to join us for our support group meetings and connect with our supportive community.

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