TNID contribution towards COVID-19 Relief

The world is in times like never before. In this Pandemic of a lifetime, TNID has been
serving the local community and the Global community.

COVID India Relief Effort

During the second devastating wave of Covid crisis in India, TNID came forth with the
donations. We have partnered with a non-profit organization in India to help affected
families and hospital cleaning staff by providing them with Home Isolation Kits, Ration
and Hygiene Kits.

  • 450 Home Isolation Kits (pulse oximeter, thermometer, 60 triple-ply masks,     sanitizers, sopas and gloves)
  • 440 Ration and Hygiene Kits (rice, wheat flour, dals, oil, salt, sugar, tea,
    bath/laundry/liquid soaps, toothpaste, sanitary pads and phenyl)

TheNeedINDeed requests your support in helping with the catastrophic crisis in India.
TheNeedINDeed is partnering with grass root organizations to directly reach out and
help those affected by Covid -19 in India by offering Home Isolation kits, Livelihood
Restarter kits, Ration, Hygiene kits, and other needs at local level.


COVID Minneapolis Relief Effort

TheNeedInDeed has been serving the local community in Minnesota by providing PPE
Kits, Hand Sanitizers, Food, Care Packages to local hospitals, nursing homes and people
living in shelters since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • 2800 KN95 masks
  • 65+ Gallons of Hand Sanitizer
  • 200 Gratitude Lunches
  • 10 Oximeters
  • 10 Thermometers

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