Online wellness workshop

Food is Medicine featuring Dr. Rewati Teeparti

– Leena Khurana

               Holidays are a perfect time to break from the monotony of daily routine, gather with loved ones and overindulge in delicious treats!! As the excitement of the holidays ends, the new year sneaks in with resolutions centering around healthier eating and a focus on wellness. To help us stay true to our promise and get a head start on the being a better version of ourselves, TNID has lined up monthly workshops by various experts to guide us. Our first presenter to get the ball rolling was Dr. Rewati Teeparti, a hospitalist and a nutrition specialist, who firmly believes that by eating right we can not only stay healthy but can also prevent many diseases.

               Our virtual audience was definitely very excited and remained engaged throughout the presentation. There were nearly 50 live viewers at one time with over 1000 views of the video later. The energetic audience was very happy to get clarifications and answers, to some of their questions which included the correct use of turmeric or the best way to wash an organic apple. There was also discussion on the juicing vs consuming the raw fruit or vegetables.

               Her workshop centered around the old Ayurvedic concept that food is medicine and the best connection to nature. Though there are very many healthy food items and simple ingredients in our pantry, she briefly touched upon a few simple ones like proper use of epigenetic items like olive oil, tomatoes, turmeric, pepper, garlic and even salt!! It was wonderful to learn that turmeric is best absorbed with pepper and that olive oil must always be stored in a dark, glass bottle. It was a great reminder to go back to the old ways and consume foods the correct way to get the most nutritional value out of them

               Food is the epicenter of gatherings with our loved ones and certainly helps us create new memories and experiences as we sit down and prepare to “break bread”! So go ahead, eat healthy and stay well! Stay tuned for our next workshop by renowned chef Raghavan Iyer who will help us cook healthy.