Monthly Sandwiches Donation

Sponsor of the Month September

                   The Krivosik family branch in Minnesota consists of Pavol who hails from Slovakia, Sangita who comes from India and Anna who was born a Minnesotan, uffda! Just like most other families, they love long walks, movies and travel together. Being a multicultural family, they also enjoy celebrating Slovak and Indian traditions. Pavol and Sangita are both physicists by training, engineers by profession, with a huge soft corner for art. And does Anna like science and art? “You betcha”, says the 7 year old aspiring artist-astronaut!

Sponsor of the Month October

Sabeena Kelkar Mother of teens. Enjoys: Gardening, Reading, Cooking, Baking.

 Donated :

            • 250 PB&J sandwiches
            • 2 jars peanut butter
            • 1 jar jelly
18th September was a day of celebration and contemplation in our family. Remembering the last year, celebrating birthdays of close friends and relations, remembering friends and family that the past year has taken away from us and yet, a general thankful ushering of Fall. After a very stressful year, we decided to give thanks by making sandwiches. It was enjoyable, from purchase of ingredients ("You gonna feed the village?" ) to continual sanitizing of countertop, and to the incessant changing of gloves to make sure that the jelly was not going all over the place. Our 7 year old was in charge of packaging the ziplocked sammies and I must say she rocked it. A most satisfactory afternoon all in all. We definitely want to do it again, though we probably will have to wait a year before we get a chance! Thank you TNID for this opportunity!
The Krivosik family (Pavol, Sangita and Anna)
September sandwiches Donor

Monthly Teen Hygiene Donation

serving with teen hygiene

Sponsor of the Month September

                   The Srivastava family has been in Minnesota for the past 30+ years! Our household consists of Anushka, a Junior who loves theater, writes songs, and is enjoying her Social Psychology class. Sanjana, who is pursuing a PhD in Computer Vision in California. Asha and Prem (Anjali’s parents), pillars of our MN family for 25 plus years. And, Anjali and Jaideep, at UMN – Anjali is doing a PhD in technology, and Jaideep is advising PhDs as Professor in Computer Science :). Our family enjoys traveling, badminton, table tennis, and going for walks in our beautiful Twin Cities parks with chai and biscuit (cookies)!

Supplies Donated :

    • mens and womens underclothes
    • diapers
    • sweat shirts
    • leggings
    • sweatpants

Sponsor of the Month - October

                   My Name is Richa Verma . I live in Plymouth with my family .My Husband Shubhranshu Verma , son Kaustubh Verma and daughter Mahika Verma . Me and my family feel privilege for doing something for community . In future I would contribute and participate.Thanks to Need N deed for giving me this opportunity.

Supplies Donated :

    • Throws -2
    • Deodorant -2
    • Shampoo +conditioner-2
    • Laundry detergent -1
    • Clorox cleaning wipes -5
    • Huddle woolen -2
Every year the Srivastava family seeks to support a worthy cause in memory of our Baba/Papa/Papaji, Mr. Prem Chand Srivastava (Jaideep’s father). This year, we were grateful to support the Teen Hygiene Donation program through the NeedInDeed organization. It is most appropriate to support our city’s youth in our grandfather/father’s memory, as he was well known to help educate youth among his family, friends and neighborhoods. A scientist and educator, he helped numerous middle and high school aged youth from near and far gain fundamental understanding of subjects like math and science. Therefore, we are very happy and grateful for this opportunity to help youth served by YouthLinks in his memory, through NeedInDeed. We are certain that he is blessing all of us, and especially the youth served by YouthLinks!
The Srivastava Family (Asha, Prem, Anushka, Sanjana, Jaideep and Anjali)
September Teen Hygiene Donation

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