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                            TNID has partnered with Missions Inc to celebrate birthdays of the Missions Inc residents. It’s a facility that provides a collaborate community and a safe space where people are empowered to heal and transform their lives. TNID’s activity is performed once a month where TNID or TNID’s monthly sponsors purchase Birthday table cloths, Birthday banner, birthday cards, paper products, disposable gloves, birthday gifts/art from local artists, birthday bags etc. We bring these things over to the Missions Inc and celebrate birthdays with these men personally under the supervision of Missions staff members. We distribute these well put Birthday bags to the people that have birthdays in that month. The birthday celebrations allow TNID to serve an important segment of the community expanding beyond its programs of health and wellness and humanitarian outreach.


• Number of birthdays celebrated so far – 30

• Community impact – mental health of senior citizens at a recovery health care facility

• Number of volunteers – 3 to 5

• Number of people served in facility – approx.100

September 2021 Sponsors

October 2021 Sponsors