TNID 3rd Anniversary Sandwich Making Event

          TheNeedINDeed (TNID) is a nonprofit charity which started in 2018. It brings attention to living life consciously and serving the community. This year in 2021, it will be the third anniversary of TheNeedINDeed. These past few years of the start-up, the group of volunteers has expanded to be a collection of worldly conscientious people who not only feel connected to their community, but also want to make a difference in the world.

          It all started out with the determination to give back to the world that gave us so much. TNID brings awareness to health and wellness, education, and the environment. These four aspects as stated are the foundation of all the volunteer work that this charity does. 


          There has been such a big community impact by TNID. The services they carry out and the people themselves, have slowly started to positively impact the world around them. This charity gives a voice to people that want to be heard; TNID’s podcast talks about social stories and is a public forum to talk about the issues regarding the environment and other worldly problems. Not only does the podcast converse about problems, but also how to solve them. 

          Every month, TNID makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to give to the homeless. In fact, this year 1430 sandwiches will be made in total, and over the past year, TheNeedINDeed will have made 6500 sandwiches. The feeling that the volunteers create is warm and friendly when making the sandwiches. An open environment for all to come and when they leave, the volunteers wish them a goodbye. All the volunteers created a safe and happy group where they all know each other. To keep the excitement up, music is played and people talk about life. “How are your kids?”, “What are the rest of your summer plans?”, and “The weather has been so nice lately!” The conversations buzz and create a sense of togetherness and unity. Volunteers of all ages come together; from toddlers to seniors, everybody helps. Now, there’s a lot of things to do and jobs to have when making this many sandwiches, so each person was always busy. I mean that’s what happens in every single volunteer job, but what sets apart The NeedINDeed is when someone is lagging or is in need of help, other volunteers are ready and happy to help. It is essentially a community, or rather like a family. 

         The yoga classes are another spectacular way that TNID helps the community. As stated the mission statement itself is for every individual to live life consciously. One great way to do this is attending the free yoga classes. All of the instructors are professionally trained and registered. They all acknowledge the fact that the way to live life with the full intent is to start by being mentally stable and calm. 

         TNID donated “Teen Hygiene” products for over 350 youths that did not get the resources or the means to get these essential resources. One of the most important times in everyone’s lives is their teenage years. It is a time to find one’s interests and hone in on these skills to create a future that is enjoyable. However, these things are not possible if you cannot get the bare necessities of life like hygiene products. TNID understands this and gives a chance for teenagers to live their life how they want to.

          Another way that TheNeedINDeed creates a positive impact in the community is by giving health funds and supplies to people that need it. Minneapolis College is provided supplies and funds for mental health and is also given professional help to those who need it.

          TNID has an enormous community impact for all people the organization reaches. Not only do they have great events to give people a voice and a platform, it also tries to create solutions to the issues regarding the education systems, environmental issues, people’s health and wellness, and many other problems. In the words of the president of TheNeedINDeed, Sushumna Aggarwal, “[it] started because of the power of one [and the] will of many.” Both are important components of this organization; if it was not for one person having an idea, the charity itself would not have happened, but at the same time, if people didn’t believe or have a mindset to help the community, the charity would not have taken off. There needs to be loving people who trust the process for anything to happen, and that is what is so special about TNID. The community that was built is a group of loving, strong, and reliable people.


          The third anniversary of TheNeedINDeed is a celebration as well as a reminder of all the beautiful things living consciously leads to. Not only does it have an impact on our own wellbeing, but it also gives us a chance to give back to the community. TNID is a wonderful organization that ensures a community full of strong minds and enriches every person to be calm and mentally ready to live life morally and ethically.

Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteering for “sandwich making and donation drive” to commemorate TNID’s 3rd anniversary has been so gratifying. I feel so blessed to be able to contribute to our community in my own little way. The hours that I spend for TNID are the best part of my week.

-Richa Narain,Volunteer,TNID

Community Impact

TNID has partnered with Loaves and Fishes to donate Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

        • TNID 3rd Anniversary – Number of sandwiches : 1430
        • Total number of Sandwiches donated last year : 6500
        • Monthly Sandwiches donation : 250+


Did you know !

TNID has a Monthly Sandwich Sponsorship opportunity that you can sign up for?


  • Shiv Nath Tandon
  • Maya Tandon
  • Ashish Aggarwal
  • Sandeep Methi
  • Sushmi Aggarwal
  • Sindhu Gupta
  • Seema Mangalick
  • Richa Narain
  • Anshu Singh
  • Richa Verma
  • Sunita Bika
  • Kirti Deshmukh
  • Neetu Maheshwari
  • Nidhi Methi
  • Rooma Rathore
  • Joshna Devaluri
  • Reena Sharma
  • Sonia Nagwani
  • Anushree Vohra
  • Garima Mittal
  • Vimi Dev
  • Krishna Bansal
  • Varsha Suda
  • Shefali Ghori
  • Devanshi Pandey
  • Ela Kanade
  • Sanjyoth Paracha
  • Aditi Magal