Health and Wellness Through Yoga, Breathing Exercises and Meditation 2



Alanna is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She completed Hatha Yoga teacher training through the Canter for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota in 2019, while studying as an undergraduate. Since then, she has been teaching Hatha and Yin yoga to friends, family, and co-workers while finishing up her degree at the University. She recently graduated with honors from the U of M with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in English. She is passionate about practicing, studying, and teaching yoga. She also enjoys reading, cooking, baking, gardening, running, biking, playing soccer, and rollerblading.



A yogi by birth and by choice. Being initiated into a living yoga lineage at the age of 16 which dates back over 5,000 years. The Himalayan tradition like many traditions bridges the East with the West as it serves all and eliminates none in its radiance. Being born and brought up in a family where self-development through introspection were the basic building blocks for spiritual growth.

Professionally, trained as a western MD who was not open to the eastern way of healing until a life changing event occurred which left me no choice but to explore asana and pranayama (breathing practices) to facilitate my healing process.

Through this everlasting journey of healing myself the wide gap that existed in my mind between the east and west began to close and merged as one. My love for teaching has evolved into seeing the individual in a holistic way; from the yogic lens as well as the western MD lens which helps me serve all and eliminate none.  I invite you to join me in experiencing a oneness with your mind, body and spirit.


I started to practice traditional yoga several years ago after a car injury.  And it has become part of my life for thirty years.  Started my practice in a group fitness studiost with other yogis was also the plus for me.  My very experienced and dedicated to yoga teachers Scott, April, Vinita, DeAnna, Aimee,  at the GYM also inspired me a lot.  From every instructor with their styles of Vinyasa and Traditiona, Hatha yoga and adding their own unique postures during practice was very uplifted.  And the flexibility, balance helped me in many levels.  While working at U of MN, I even would use my some of vacation time and during lunch to go and practice with those teachers.  Coming across good teachers at various yoga facilities and the desire to practice with them was enriching.  Restorative, Iyenger, Ashtanga, Hatha, Root, the unique styles and cues during the practice from very loving teachers gave me the motivations to taste each teacher’s style and commitment and love for teaching.I graduated from University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing in 2014, Hatha Yoga program


I have been exposed to the Yogic lifestyle and practices from early childhood, I have been practicing Yoga on and off and making a disciplined practice 13 years ago. Certified as a Yoga trainer as part of the University of MN’s Center of Spirituality and Healing program, I have been teaching free yoga to the community 3 times a week since 2017.